If you are interested in becoming an Dar Filali Tobacco trader and representative we ask that you contact us for additional information to become one of our USP suppliers of e-liquids.
The company Dar Filali Tobacco is one of the leading Moroccan premium manufacturers of high quality e-liquids .

This smart company is developing new and innovative high quality products. Our team has an enterprising heart and it is strong in completing and realizing goals. Welcome to our world of e-liquids and molasses shisha herbal as well tobacco


We aim to be your supplier of choice by offering premium products, regulatory support and excellent service at the right price.

OEM/ Retail packaging & private labeling from 5ml bottles to 30 ml canisters

Manufacturing capabilites exceed 250 00+ bottles per week

More than 26+ different highest quality flavors

We provide safe and tested products. Our e-liquids are of pharmaceutical grade quality, contain certified ingredients of EU origin, are laborytory tested and extensively researched.


We have customers from all over the world coming so and you are always welcome, we would just like to ask that you make an appointment in advance, so we could give you our complete attention.


We promote the production of high quality products which set the standards for e-liquids production .

99.9% pure, pharmaceutical grade nicotine.
Dar Filali Tobacco offers highest quality pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine for professional business which can handle nicotine delivery in a professional manner. Highest purity, very low water content, colorless, no suspended matter, and more characteristics are confirmed by European accredited laboratories.


We have developed our own, automatic machines for filling e-liquid bottles, inside the laboratory, in a clean room. The production is not harmful to the environment.
We are able to produce various e-liquid formulas, depending on the demands of the customers.

Quality management
Confidentiality Agreement for the Services and Recipes
Documents/Fully equipped laboratory – products development, testing


Are you ready for future regulations?

We can help you during the product development stage, to ensure that your product adheres to any necessary standards along with introducing our knowledge about economic stability.

To follow and develop regulatory strategies which satisfy the needs and aspirations of your company, regulation as a Tobacco or a farm product.


E-liquids market is rapidly growing every year and the trend is not going to change next year.

With DAR FILALI TOBACCO you can take the profits from this perspective market. We provide a private label of high quality .

Wide range of flavors and nicotine strengths are available (over 100).

We can supply the product in a large package (1L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L) as well as ready for sale 5, 10, 20, 30ml e-liquids with your label.

Flexibility and custom made products fitted to your needs are our huge advantages.