This irresistible is no longer Tobacco …

The healthiest way to experience a truly majestic hookah experience, with herbal narghile molasses. A boon for non-tobacco smokers, Dar Filali Herbal contains 0% nicotine, 0% tar, and more importantly, 0% tobacco! Manufactured under strict supervision and using only herbal raw materials without tobacco, molasses Dar Filali Herbal Hookah will give you the same majestic feeling of smoking your favorite narghile, without the effects of tobacco.

Recognized by a knowledge of size and as a 100% exporting unit that has proven itself internationally for the excellence of its products,
Tobacco Dar Filali Holding finally settles in the Kingdom of Morocco in the Free Zone and lives the dream of making each experience of herbal smoking a journey of joy and timeless satisfaction.

Our superior hookah molasses flavors are the preferred choice of our customers in more than 26 countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

Our constant focus on product innovation drives us to continually develop flavors that appeal to traditional and trendy customers who indulge in regular herbal and social smoking.
Our ongoing research on the rapidly changing global trends in hookah molasses allows us to successfully meet our potential international customers who demand products of superior quality.

With over 26 internationally renowned flavors in our range of molasses
Tobacco Dar Filali Holding the pioneer of the Herbal Nargile in Morocco
We are constantly innovating and developing unique flavors that will set high international standards in terms of quality and customer demand around the world.

So it’s no longer Tobacco ….

A product that defies any direct or indirect competition and that imposes itself with a Zero Nicotine Label

With the support of our customers and the dedicated passion of our people, we are on the verge of a breakthrough in our growth development.
And why not in Morocco?

We would be happy to know how we can be part of our growth story, satisfying our customers with innovative and refined flavors and an experience exceeding international standards.