The president of the company started his vision by finding the highest quality and rich aromas and designing and creating formulas that became the best sensational taste in the world today.

Our laboratory will be accredited by ONSSA and our health ministry is equipped by the world-leading producer of analytical instrumentation.

Our team of highly educated experts, chemical engineers, pharmaceutical technology engineers, the president of the company with more than 20 years of experience. Tobacco and vape connoisseurs with years of experience, innovators, the marketing team, the quality control director, financial experts, strategic operational management experts, IT managers, programmers and graphic designers, and the public relations department make a winning combination and a winning team – PROFESSIONALISM AND EXPERIENCE in one place!

Our entire team has reached the goal that our founder dreamed of! After months of experimentation and development, our team was able to create premium solutions! Consistency, security, and perfection are the features of our creative community in Dar filali Tobacco Holding.

Our work has been recognized by the Moroccan Ministry of commerce and industry (MCI), for further development and investment in our kingdom.

Our main purpose is to provide an OEM service, which includes production according to your recipes, adjusting to new trends in the market.

The secret of our success relies in recognizing good business opportunities. Our success is our persistence, being ready to accept new challenges, expansion of production and sale.